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The Cottonwood was the first tree to have its entire DNA code sequenced, shaking up what we understand about plant biology, and evolution.

It is an impressive beauty with its rich colours and divers applications.

Cottonwoods are effective soil stabilizers; their aggressive root systems make the species useful in the restoration of riparian areas. When used in this way, they provide protection for the aquatic environment, by providing shade and lowering water temperatures. The high nitrate uptake and extensive rooting of these trees also makes them useful for buffer or filter planting along streams in agricultural areas. This creates habitat for birds and small mammals, and reduces ungulate damage, increasing bank stability, and in turn improving aquatic habitat.


  • Your new art will arrive ready to hang. Your canvas print is 3/4" deep and has a black edge.

    Re-claimed barnwood frames are available for canvas prints- please inquire for more info!
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